21 Apr

Inflammaging,  (a process of ageing & associated with a low grade, sterile, chronic inflammation), plays a crucial role in driving chronic diseases & ill health as we age. Research indicates, cold exposure may reduce some of the biomarkers associated with autoimmune diseases & other chronic inflammatory conditions

Last year I tried Cryo therapy & was astounded how my health visibly improved after only  3 minutes at -90 degrees celsius. Apart from the immediate endorphin rush & feeling of high well being, it was the repair of a long term injury, De Quervain tendinitis. The constant pain (I'd been wearing a hand brace for 6 months) ceased & within days, although hesitant, the brace was removed & began strengthening the weakened area. I was hooked on finding out more.

More recently, research suggests Cold Water Immersion Therapy may have the potential to significantly decrease or even prevent the symptoms of Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease - that's huge isn't it?   A reduction of inflammation & release of a newly discovered ‘cold-shock‘ protein called RBM3 caused by exposure to cold water combine to create a very exciting, unique form of therapy. A study by Kox et al in 2014 that studied cold exposure by the wonderful & secret hero Wim Hof also showed anti-inflammatory markers increased by 200%  - yes 200% & pro-inflammatory markers reduced by 50% when cold therapy was included.

What can we do? DAILY COLD SHOWERS  When first trying cold showers, work to 30 seconds under the cold water. You can increase the time as your body adapts. The physical benefits of cold showers & cold water therapy include: a stronger immune response, weight loss, increased metabolism, pain relief, a strengthened nervous system, reduced inflammation, faster recovery time, & improved circulation - go on have a go & I'd love to know how you get on.

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