About us



Hello, I'm Nic Reeves, the founder of iindi.be. Thank you for visiting the page & viewing this ever evolving little business. With an ethos of Always Vegan, Plastic free, with an abundance of wonderful aroma's scents & blasts of bright colours. So think bright colours, natural and a beating happy soul - that's iindi.be 

iindi.be is a Vegan, Non toxic, Natural Plant based business, highly effective both physically & mentally. 
We have a range of, Sustainable (The Environmental's), Zero Waste, Plastic Free products and all Eco-Friendly. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced, taking time to choose the finest ingredients for both our planets, health & beauty. 

iindi.be is against animal testing on all cosmetic products and does not conduct any form of animal testing, never has done and will never test on animals, as horrific and totally unnecessary. We operate a fixed cut-off date of the 11th March 2013 which means we will not purchase raw ingredients or raw materials from any company that does not comply with our high standards.  This date is when a full European Union ban on animal testing for cosmetics came into force.


The development of the product & its raw ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative. No products have been genetically modified including raw products purchased. iindi.be has also extended this to packaging and have written declarations that package companies do not test on animals when making the packaging and the source of material used is from companies which also do not test on animals or any product or by-product involved in testing or derivatives used.


This is where the creation of iindi.be started. We all care about our planet and seas. The amount of plastic & micro plastics on Earth & the damage is frightening & overwhelming. Knowledge is certainly power but our human brain hates overwhelming information & with the amount of information on Social media, It's understandable we at times compartmentalise & place to the back of the brain until reminded. 

Our aim was to differentiate where we could make a difference & consumers trusting us. Knowing, the plastic free movement at iindi.be  is absolutely there, at the forefront & even more so in the background & we continue to be a pain to our wonderful wholesalers & potential suppliers. 

iindi.be plastic packaging is very minimal but presently have 3 items.

The first is EPE. EPE is an environmentally safe recyclable material known as F217, preventing moisture from entering a bottle & affecting products - it's at the top, inside of bottle tops & Aluminium Tins. These are easily removed and 100% recyclable. Go to the website 'recyclenow', enter your postcode for the nearest supermarket which recycles plastic bags & deposit.  A UK recycling company in Salford have purchased a GREENMAX EPS compactor recycling machine  & currently running a 1 year pilot project, which is fantastic as compacting is very low, on the carbon footprint.

We also have the pump for our Sustainable Environmental's range. Again you do not have to buy a pump and/or if you purchase a second time around choose a bottle with the lid & use the pump purchased previously. The pump is made from Polypropylene  a recyclable plastic (check Local Authority). Please take out the metal spring and of course metal is recyclable. :-).


We have NO plastic bottles, NO plastic containers, the majority of our raw Wholesalers now deliver without Plastic wrapping - what's the point in being & shouting plastic free when all the raw materials arrive covered in plastic??

Eco Friendly  - minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment.

We're proud how iindi.be's products are safe, hypo allergenic, without any nasties of SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, GMO & pH balanced.

We're equally proud of this About us page - warts & all page, of what iindi.be is & striving to be. All along, (not going to say the J word) we want & will show our vulnerabilities, improvements, current research, alongside our achievements because as a company being authentic is key.

Essential Oils go back 3,500 years. Benefits extraordinary & hear daily the most wonderful physical & psychological benefits, but let's be clear; it takes a heck of an amount of plant to create an essential oil. Rose essential oil is wonderful but the amount of rose petals to create 14 grams of Rose essential oils  is shameful at  - 30,000 Roses!

The iindi.be products containing essential oils such as Lavender, Peppermint & herbal extracts are made in the Surrey hills,  know the producer, his ethics &  he's equally as passionate for our Eco System. Where an essential oil cannot be grown in the UK because of our British climate, the oils come from growers who care about the environment & sustainability.

The amount of essential oil added to a product is equally of importance, to you & to the welfare of marine life.

This little independent company, with its beating happy soul, takes away the worries, providing products which are all the above, full of colour & hope.

Thank you for reading to the end of this post. :-)

Nicola Reeves